Monday, November 16, 2009

Bloom Day - November 15th - a day late...

Happy November Bloom Day! (so I'm a day late - it happens..)

Autumn crocus coming up and blooming (these are new this year):

The Mexican Tuberose are getting ready for their second round of blooming this year. I adore these bulbs.:

Mexican Mint Marigold:

Copper Canyon Daisy. These are light sensitive and only bloom when the days are short in the spring and fall. Don't plant them near an evening light source (street light/house light) or they get all confused and won't bloom:

Mountain Sage:

Mealy Blue Sage covered in skippers (the butterflies, not the fast food fish for those who know what I am talking about):

Shrimp Plant:


Mexican Bush Sage:

Texas Bluebell (Yep, still flowering. Gotta love this one):


Iris said...

That crocus is SO cool! My bluebell seems to have croaked, but I'm not sure I have the good native variety. Yours is lovely! Great grove of shrimp plants, too.

Caroline said...

I did not know that about copper canyon daisies and light -- good to know!

sweet bay said...

Such beautiful flowers for Bloom Day! I have to try the autumn crocus, the flowers are such a lovely shade of blue-violet. Your Copper Canyon Daisy looks glorious with the Agave.

Lee17 said...


Thanks! I hope the autumn crocus survive to bloom next year, too. They are new this year and experimental :)

Lee17 said...


Yeah, sometimes I hear people complain that the copper canyon daisy won't bloom for them, and I think to myself that they must have them planted near a night light source.

Lee17 said...

Sweet bay,

Thanks! The crocus are experimental, and I hope they survive to put on a show next fall too!