Monday, January 9, 2017


One of the first things I did when I began the garden was to plant grapes along the fence of the sport court. It gets very hot along this area and stays sunny all day long. I thought, heck, I'll give grapes a go. Well, a couple years later and I harvested 20 pounds of grapes from the 2 vines I planted! And that was after the deer ran off with several mouthfuls. The grapes totally took over the fencing and provided us much needed privacy on that side of the yard:

These are the Canadice grapes. I also planted Glenora and harvested an equal amount of those.

All of those grapes became jelly! Beautiful jewel colored jelly. This is the Canadice grape jelly:

I also thought I would try my hand at preserving grape leaves and that also turned out pretty well:

This year I planted a white grape as well and if it follows the growth pattern of the other 2 vines, will begin to bear fruit this next year. I think I better learn how to make wine.

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