Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wintering Annas Hummingbirds

It's going to be mighty chilly this week - into the low teens at night! Don't forget to put out out nectar for our overwintering hummingbirds and keep it thawed out for them. These guys need all the energy they can get to stay warm!

Tips for feeding hummers in the freezing temps:
  • Remember not to adjust the mix! Keep it at a 1:4 ratio sugar to water.
  • Use christmas lights wrapped about the feeder to keep it from thawing or
  • Swap out feeders to keep them from freezing. Make sure to put the feeders out before dawn if you bring them in at night. I have several feeders and just rotate them.
More info on feeding hummers in the winter:
Feeding hummers in winter

This Annas hummer in the pic below was up feeding just as the sky was seeing its first hint of light in the very early dawn this morning:

He's chilling out on the red huckleberry bush defending his favorite feeder. Invaders, beware!:

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Tor Hershman said...

No hunnies here, that I know of, but I do chuck bread for the birdies & local squirrel.