Monday, September 16, 2013

Garden Bloom Day September 2013 - A Day Late

Ahh, dammit. I'm a day late with bloom day again. It's hard to keep up when you are working full time AND busy cleaning and clearing an entire acre for a new garden. I do have some fun things blooming, so I'll just get right down to it.

Fall in the Northwest is for dahlias! I filled a wine barrel full of orange and yellow ones and here they are. They are about 4 feet tall in the barrel. Pretty!:

And some smaller yellow/orange pompom dahlias as well:

I have another wine barrel planted with some nasturtiums:

When I lived in Austin, September was for Oxblood lilies and it is apparently time for those up here, too!! I'm so excited these bloomed for me up here! They didn't do anything last fall, just hung out in the ground being boring bulbs, but I think they were confused since I moved them last year. But this year, Wooo!! Here they are in all their glory and I'm so very glad I brought some back with me. If any bulb represents Austin gardens, it's the Oxblood lily:

More coming up:

Another southern plant growing for me up here is turks cap. Love this one:

Another one that is doing splendid in hanging pots for me I brought back last year from Austin is the firecracker fern. The hummingbirds go crazy over this one:

Here is some big red sage. It really needs to go in the ground, but I still don't have the bed ready yet, so its blooming in its pot:

The bird peppers are turning red. Very bright red!:

Another red one is the dragon wing begonia. I'm just about ready to bring these into the solarium for the season:

Black and blue salvia and hot lips salvia in the background:

And last, but not least, I discovered some white perennial cyclamen coming up in the corner of the lawn, so I dug it up and moved it to a more prominent location where it came be noticed and spread:

That's it! Happy Bloom Day!

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LindaCTG said...

That's amazing that you have some Austin plants still. Our oxbloods came up this week thanks to last Friday's rain. Too early for nasturtiums and I actually lost all my mums this year. Dang drought. Wish I could move!