Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bloom Day - Nov 15th, 2012

November Bloom day and I actually have blooms to show off. Even though we have had a few freezes, the plants right up against the house are still blooming, including the hanging fuchsia (OK, so I cheated a little and put the fuchsia in the pop-up greenhouse the days it froze, but it's back outside now that it has warmed up again).

Here's the hanging fuchsia. It's still attracting hummers every day so I try and keep it out as much as possible:

The hardy fuchsia is also still blooming and attracting hummers:

The dragon wing begonia is still flowering! This plant has been super for me up here in the PNW and the hummers also love this one:

I also have a blue mist flower blooming:

Pineapple sage is still blooming and smells strongly of pineapple, hence it's name:

The geranium is still blooming. I did pick off a bunch of moldy leaves and move it under the eaves where it stays dry. It seems to really like that:

The abutilon keeps on flowering and attracting hummers. This one flowered all through winter for me in Austin, we'll see what the PNW result is. For now, this guy just won't quit:

This purple salvia I recently picked up on sale is still flowering:

The Guara is still flowering as well:

And last but not least, this nifty creeping campanula (bellflower) continues to send out pretty purple bell shaped flowers:

Happy Bloom day everyone!


Nelson said...

Lovely flowers from stunning images.

boulder walls Brisbane said...

What a really beautiful blooms here! Love those selection of plants you have in your garden. Wish I could have those blooms in my garden too. Nice share!