Friday, August 12, 2011

Mt. Rainier - Subalpine Wildflowers and Cliffs

As we were driving along the road up to Paradise on Mt Rainier, sheer cliff faces were everywhere and even these were covered in subalpine wildflowers.

Pink Penstemon were clinging to the cliffsides, drenching them in pink. It can be *very* difficult to get good photos of these flowers as these cliff faces do not often have nice wide road shoulders next to them that you can pull off on and just saunter up and take a photo. As a matter of fact, many are located on blind, shoulderless corners of the roadside. So what do I do? I challenge Darwin and walk down the road, around the blind corner and try to take photos. So, um, yeah, I very nearly got myself ran over. But I did get some penstemon flower pictures!:

Pink Pentstemon Rupicola:

The same cliff face was also home to this stuff, which I think is Moss Campion:

And also this Beargrass which looks like a grass, but is really part of the lily family:

At the very base of the cliff were big clumps of Twinflower:

At another cliff face, where the water was trickling down to pool at the base before trickling down the hill even further were these Common Yellow Monkey Flowers:


Also found here were Mertens Bluebells. These were found anywhere at this elevation where water made the ground mushy:

Mertens Bluebells (Mertensia paniculata) belong to the Borage family:

Yet another cliff we stopped by had a waterfall cutting deep into it. Goatsbeard grew all around it:

Many wildflowers were on the cliff on the other side of the road and below this waterfall and I was leaning over the edge a bit to try and take photos of them.

Cascade Penstemon (Penstemon Serrulatus):

Rosey Spirea:

Some small sunflower-looking flowers (Senecio-fremontii) were growing in clumps on the rocks here as well:


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