Friday, July 16, 2010

Bloom Day - July 15, 2010

I'm a day late for bloom day. Meh, it happens. Here we go:

Bessaria Elegens has bell-shaped flowers and reminds me of a spring-blooming bulb, but it blooms in the summer(this bulb is native to Texas and Mexico):

Pride of Barbados is always outstanding in July:

Abssynian Gladiola. And WOW does it ever have a strong scent in the evening!:

Tropical Milkweed. Queen and Monarch butterflies are always having parties on these:

Chocolate Flower. It really does smell like chocolate! I love to go outside in the morning as the scent is the strongest then:

Brazilian Petunia. This one is NOT invasive like the purple ones, but I find it does not over winter as well for me:

Gladiola 'Atomic' is just finishing up blooming:

Mexican Oregano and Texas bluebells:

Desert Willow bloom with Texas Sage in the background:

And some white rain lilies:


Iris said...

Wow! You've got lots of beautiful blooms: no one would ever guess how beastly hot is here right now. Are your Texas Bluebells in containers or in the ground?

Lee17 said...

The Texas bluebells are in the ground. They are falling all over themselves as they are about 4 feet tall!

Lancashire rose said...

You really have some unusual blooms. I had no idea that glads did well here.

Elgin_house said...

Where did you find the Bessaria, Lee? It's lovely, and I've never seen it before. And how long is its blooming season?