Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cedar Waxwing Invasion

My garden was invaded by a flock of Cedar Waxwings this morning. I heard a bunch of high pitched meep-meeping and looked out the window to see them all grouped atop the orchid tree. They came to gorge on the berries that were left on the various holly bushes in the garden.

These guys are so stylish looking I think; always appearing as if they are all dolled up to go to a masquerade with their slick looking feathers and neatly outlined-in-white, black masks:

Grouped in the orchid tree:

Wider shot:


sweet bay said...

Beautiful captures. I love Cedar Waxwings. They look so sleek and sophisticated.

Caroline said...

Very nice! You were blessed by that early morning light. The evening they descended upon my red oaks, light was very harsh and contrasty. Glad to know they are still around.

Christine B. said...

The bohemian waxwings (which look really similar) are more common where I live. They love the berries from the mountain ash trees.

Christine in Alaska

Lee17 said...

Sweet bay,

Thanks! Me too. They are just the prettiest birds.

Lee17 said...


I was! I totally lucked out that the light was good for taking photos of them. I was actually surprised to still see them around as I usually don't see them after the end of February.

Lee17 said...


I remember seeing those Bohemian guys when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. So Pretty! And I sure miss having mountain ash trees in the garden! They were so very pretty with those bright orange berries! I also remember how the birds would eat piles of them, then get kinda drunk and fly into our windows. Silly birds.