Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain yesterday! Woo!!

Just a note that a small thunderstorm rolled in and actually brought some measurable rainfall yesterday! Woo!! We appear to be in an even drier spot than most of Austin (if that is even possible) and haven't seen rainfall in quite some time as most of the storms split and go around us. So, it's kind of a big deal that we received some measurable rain. It's really too late for most of my plants though. The veggie garden is pretty much dead except for the Thai bush beans. Almost all my canteloupe vines have dried up, I still have tomato plants, but no tomatoes as it is too hot for them to set tomatoes and their leaves are so small it's ridiculous, and the eggplant never grew taller than 6 inches and is a complete loss as are all the peppers in the yard. The cucumbers all got mildew and died. I tore those out and replanted - hopefully I can get some new ones going. The scarlet runner beans all completely dried up even though they were growing in the shade. One quarter of my flowers and plants in the front yard are dead or nearly dead. Luckily my native trees are still hanging in there and they really appreciated the rain yesterday! Thank you Powers That Be for the brief drink of fresh water!


Lancashire rose said...

We were lucky too and got 1/10" I think it evaporated as soon as it hit the ground because I couldn't see much difference in the soil. it did cool the air off quite nicely.

Lee17 said...

Lancashire rose - Yeah, I know what you mean, it rains, then immediately evaporates and it's like it never rained at all. *sigh*