Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bloom Day - April 15th 2009

It is springtime in Central Texas! Here is what I have blooming in the garden:

Antelope Horns:

Apple blossoms:

Blue Bonnets:

Blue Flax:

Yellow Flax:

Blue Dwarf Morning Glory:

Red Corn Poppies:

Byzantine Glads:

The first Cactus bloom:

Cedar Sage and Columbine:

Texas Betony and Columbine:

Gulf Coast Penstemon and columbine:

Big yellow globs of Damianita:

Golden lead-ball tree and blue salvia:

Golden lead-ball tree yellow flower puff-balls:

Hill country Penstemon:

Jerusalem Sage and Hot lips salvia:

Lions Tail:

Nasturtiums along side my drought-ridden peas:

Snow peas:


Orchid tree blooms:


Pink Skullcap:

Hail-pummeled pomegranate blooms (they are a bit raggety):

Spanish Lavendar and a garden friend:

Yellow Texas Star:


queerbychoice said...

Pretty! I have blue flax and penstemon in bloom too, but my lupine isn't blooming yet.

Darla said...

My goodness you have beautiful gardens!

Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

Just beautiful! I can't wait for my peas, after seeing you shots! I love the Bluebonnet. When I visited my sister in Plano, TX last year, I brought back some seeds of those- it didn't do well in my garden :(. I love TX and can't wait to visit my sister next year :). Happy GBBD.

Annie in Austin said...

Your garden looks totally Central Texas and totally beautiful, Lee17 - I've been coveting Antelope Horns since first sight back in 2000 but am afraid they'd die in my garden.

All these native and adapted plants look great together.

Happy Blooming Day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lancashire rose said...

Did you grow the yellow flax from seed. I have the blue but would love the yellow.

donna said...

Would be interesting to know how such a pretty bloom ended up with a name like Antelope Horns. Texas sure has pretty gardens and yours is especially nice.

sweet bay said...

Anteloupe Horns -- I've never heard of that one. Unusual-looking flower to go along with the unusual name. You have a lot of beautiful flowers, including one of my favorites, Gulf Coast Penstemon.

Happy GBBD!

ConsciousGardener said...
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katina said...

The passionvine looks awesome. I can only hope that mine turns out so well.

Lancashire rose said...

Your damianita bed is a knockout. Do you know the name of the pom? It has quite different flower from mine. Does it produce?
I must go check for antelope horns on my upper lot. What a structure.

ConsciousGardener said...

Good grief! Man you have a lotta blooms! I love that antelope horn...I haven't seen it in anyones yard...just on the trails!

Lee17 said...


Thank you so much or your comments! Sorry for the very late response, I have been busy with a large project at work.


Thank you! I love blue flowers ;)


Thank you so much, I do love gardens - someday I hope to have a small house and LARGE gardens :)


Thanks! My peas didn't do so well this year since we had so little rain. But once it started to rain -they began growing like crazy. My bluebonnets didn't do as well as I had hoped either, but again- very little rain.


Thanks you! I want my garden to look like the area I live in. Plus, it saves on the water bill to have native and adapted plants :)

Lancashire rose:

I did grow the yellow flax from seed. It was super-easy. Usually if I can't find something in a small pot at the nursery, I just grow it from seed.

Also, I don't actually know what kind of pomagranate I have. I got it at Barton Springs Nursery and it said 'Wonderful' on the pot, but it doesn't look like Wonderful to me. It is a mystery.


Thank you! I just love antelope horns. I think they are just so weirdly-cool.

Sweet Bay:

I love Gulf penstemon too! I would have more, but they seem to like a moist area and I don't have any of that except by the air conditioner drainage field. So that's wehere it lives.


My passionvine is recovering from the drought last year - It looked awful last year, and what foliage it did have was promptly eaten away by Gulf fritallary caterpillars!

Consious Gardener - I do love me the Antelope Horns! I just think they are really cool and deserve a spot in the garden. Plus, being a butterfly larval host is a bonus!