Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hail just pummeled my garden. Most of it was between Nickle to Quarter size, with a few Golf Ball size specimens thrown in for good measure. I took pictures though the window. No way was I going out there - that stuff was coming down HARD!! Then it poured rain for a bit and the hail melted a little before I could get any good close-ups. It stormed for about 20 minutes - 10 or so of those minutes were just big hail. And the hail mashed my poor poppies up and knocked the leaves off the trees.

Pre-storm photo. (I knew the hail was coming so I took some pictures of before it pounded garden):

Notice all the pretty poppies:

Now look at them after the hail storm. They are all broken and mashed up:

It knocked a bunch of the blossoms off the orchid tree and now it looks like it snowed under it:

Here is the hail from my vantage point inside the house looking out:


After the storm, I wandered out to take some photos, but the rain had melted the hail to a fraction of the size it was when it first came down:

Really, there wasn't too much damage - just tree leaves torn off and my poppies mushed up. At least it was precipitation. I will take it any way I can get it!


Pam/Digging said...

Precip is welcome, but it's harder to take in the form of hail. I'm glad you didn't get the softball size at least.

Lancashire rose said...

I'm so sorry about your damage but I'm sure they will recover. The rain will really help. Like you I took photos the day before because I didn't know what to expect. we were lucky and just got rain.

Lee17 said...


Nope, no softball size here - but only a few miles away they really got pummmeled! As a matter of fact, the center of the storm was coming directly at us and about 15 minutes before it arrived, it shifted to the south just a smidge. It was enough to spare us. We just missed the really big hail - whew!

Lee17 said...

Lancashire rose,

Yeah, I just pruned back the damage and the plants are already recovering. I am definately thankful for the rain and that my house was spared the softball size hail.