Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bugs n' Critters n' Such

So, today I was sitting on the porch happily munching away on my Freebirds Monster Steak burrito when two wasps decided to have a wrestling match on the cement below my chair, a few inches from my bare toes. Being allergic to wasps, and fearing a sting, I just froze and patiently waited for their tiff to be over. I had no idea that wasps fought for territory, but after what I witnessed, I guess now that they do. These guys were full-on attacking each other, rolling about the ground, biting and stinging, and as quickly as it began - it was over. The victor has decided to set up a nest in my bamboo windchimes. Look close and you can see the wasp working hard building the nest (seems like a lot of work for nothing, since I will be knocking that nest right out of there once the sun goes down):

Then there was this Dog-Face butterfly that spent the bulk of the day flitting from flower to flower in the back yard today (I am not really seeing why they call it a Dog-Face. It doesn't much look like a dog face to me, but, whatever):

The bees were all over the Crossvine today. Here is one diggin' in to the pollen:

And I am thinking that a bunch of Green Anole eggs must have recently hatched, because these little guys are all over the yard. This one is sitting in the fuzz of the Sago Palm:


Nancy J. Bond said...

I do love Nature so much -- but eeewww on the little lizard thingies! :)

Lee17 said...


Oh! I love the lizards and the geckos (except when they get in the house and I have to chase them down!)

hanako! said...

I want green anoles in my yard, too! Those have to be the cutest little lizards in the world. I love the assortment of critters that you get in your garden!