Friday, January 25, 2008

Hummingbirds in Winter

Around the middle of October every year all my Black-Chinned hummingbird friends fly south and I wait around until the end of March for them to return. But this year I got a surprise. I was sitting in my computer room about the 3rd week of October and I thought I saw a hummingbird zoom past my window. I looked out and sure enough, there was a little red-orange hummingbird zipping around my salvia! An immature male Rufous Hummingbird! Oh! I had always hoped to attract one in the winter - I had heard rumours that these guys winter in the gulf states, but I had yet to spy one. He has been hanging out here all winter and seems to enjoy perching atop my orchid tree. I tried to get a picture of the little guy, but he takes off whenever I get close enough for a picture. I guess he doesn't like having his photo taken.

It is now January 25th, and I noticed our wintering friend hasn't been around in about a week. I suppose he may have taken off back home to the West Coast already. I wish him a safe trip! Hopefully he will be back again next year. I will leave the feeders up in case he is still around and is just being camera shy.


Jan said...

I live just north of New Orleans, and we have had Rufous & Black-chinned Hummingbirds in the past. This year on January 1st we had our first Broadbilled Hummingbird show up. He is still here with his blue throat which is gorgeous. I know what you mean about how exciting these little birds are when they show up in winter.

Jan, Always Growing

Lee17 said...


Your Broadbilled Hummingbird sounds beautiful! I can't wait until the black-chinned guys show back up around the end of March. It seems kinda lonely in the garden without them zipping around.

Diana said...

I especially love the wine cup - it does great here, but deer and bunnies like to eat mine! I won't give up though. And I haven't ordered seeds yet, I still have lots of dog-eared pages to go through. I just order from the one with the prettiest pictures! I'll be @ Spring Fling, btw.