Saturday, October 19, 2019

Autumn garden shrooms and things.

The rainy season has settled in and the mushrooms are taking full advantage. I have no idea what the name of any of these are, but there are so many different ones in the garden. The squirrels like to munch on them while perched atop stumps.

Little purple shrooms.

Cluster of large shrooms on the decaying alder tree snag. These are so cool.

Fungus on garden stairs made from fallen big leaf maple.

Shrooms marching in line.

Korean dogwood under the bigleaf maple.

Japanese maple leaves dot the moss lawn.

Yellow colored japanese maple leaves.

Crimson colored japanese maple leaves.

Dried seed heads of oceanspray shrub.

Hardy cyclamen hederifolium

More fungus, this time on an old douglas fir stump.

Collection of large shrooms in the lawn.

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