Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Limestone Path Project

This last weekend I finally got around to building the limestone path I wanted to set down past the disappearing fountain. I dug the grass out and smoothed out the surface of the pathway, then I went on a flat-limestone rock search to acquire some natural pavers. I drove up to the top of some hills back behind one of the new housing developments right near me. They always push debris into big piles to be hauled away to the dump and these are fabulous places to get some natural limestone pavers. I dug around, being careful of snakes and scorpions. Despite trying to be careful, I still almost grabbed onto a scorpion! Good thing I had thick leather gloves on. That would have ruined my day! I always try to kick over the rocks first, before I pick them up just to try and avoid such disasters. Anywho...I collected a nice pile of flat rocks and brought them back home. I then fit them snugly into the pathway by digging them into the ground a bit. Finally I purchased several bags of gravel to fill in the rest of the pathway, and Ta-da! A new limestone path:

I am very proud of myself. It took me 2 days and a lot of sweat, but I finished it all by my little self. And it only cost me the price of 6 bags of gravel and my time. It was so much more work than I imagined! Digging out the Bermuda grass was the worst part. I come up with these little projects for myself and they always seem to take longer than I envision. Oh well. It turned out nicely though, don't you think?

And look at what else I have going on:

Lettuce in a hanging basket to keep the pill bugs from eating holes in it:

The Sugar Ann peas are coming up:

It is my first attempt at peas in Austin, so I hope they continue to do well:

And the narcissus 'Texas Star'. This is the second year since I put them in. They didn't flower the first year, but they look stupendous this year:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bloom Day - Feb 15th - a day late....

So I am a day late for Garden Blogger's bloom day, but I have a good reason. I went on a rock hunt expedition yesterday to collect rocks to put around the base of 3 of my trees to hold the dirt in. I then spent time putting them in place and cleaning out/trimming a bunch of perennials.

Here is the side of the house wildscape where I was building small rounded retaining walls to hold the dirt in around the trees:

I clipped back all the perennials and grasses in the front also and now the flower bed looks naked:

By the time I was done with all of that, it was dark outside and I was tired and didn't feel like posting. I did take pictures yesterday though in preparation for bloom day. So here they are, one day late:



A little closer:

Coral Honeysuckle:

The Meyer Lemon blossoms are filling the entryway with a divine scent:

Texas Scarlet Quince:

Southern Grape Hyacinth:

Leucojum or Summer Snowflake:

And a garden friend that I always have to shoo away from the hose spigot when I want to turn it off: