Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year, A New Garden

I've been absent from posting for a while. I have been mostly in cleanup mode in the yard. The entire thing really needs some serious work and that has been the priority over the last several months. No flowers or plants can go in until the yard is prepped.

We are still working on raising the canopy in the two large trees groves and I need to have a large delivery of rocks (for a retaining wall) and mulch brought in, so those things are on the agenda. We are still cleaning out brush, etc, but managed to really clean a huge chunk of that stuff out over this past Autumn. This spring we are going to be working on putting in a large vegetable garden and that is also a huge project in the making right now.

I did find some time today to get out in the front yard and plant a couple hundred spring bulbs. Yes, they should have gone in earlier in the year, but it was always raining on my days off and I wanted a dry day for this. Today was gorgeous, so I took the opportunity to get to planting! I can be so impatient sometimes. I have these great visions for my new garden, but there is just so much prep work to make sure it is done right. So, it feels really great to get some new things in.

These are bulbs of  some mixed narcissus and some frittilaria:

These are a bunch of mixed crocus:

Some small allium:

I also planted some daffodils and bluebells putting clumps here and there. The ground was quite full of rocks so I put the giant pick-axe to work today! Once I got most of the rocks out, I mixed some garden mix with the native dirt to get some more nutrients in the soil.

Along with the bulbs in the ground, I planted a wine barrel full of tulips. Here's to hoping for a flower filled spring in my new garden. I'm so excited!

Happy New Year everyone!