Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bloom Day November 15th 2011 - a day late.

Well, contrary to my previous post it has not frozen in the garden yet this year. Yay! Just a freeze warning or two so far. And, AND it rained in the garden yesterday! Wooooo!!

The flowers seemed to perk up as the rain was approaching. Somehow they just KNEW it was gonna rain.

Copper Canyon Daisy. I very nearly lost these this year, but they made it through (barely) and are in bloom:

The coral nymph salvia is blooming:

And the Hot Lips salvia is back to blooming red and white now that it has cooled off(the colors change based on the temperature outside - in the dead of summer the flowers are fully red):

The paintbrush is still blooming and you can see the gulf muhly with its burgandy seed heads in the background:

Rock Penstemon still blooming and still looking fabulous:

Damianita and blackfoot daisy blooming crazy now that the weather has cooled down:

Leadwort plumbago blooming its gorgeous blue blooms. I planted about six small 4-inch pots of these several years back in the hopes they would carpet the ground. No luck. They just kind of stay the same size. I think it has just been way too hot and way too dry for these. If I want them to cover the entire area, I will need to buy a couple flats of them and plant them close together. They are still pretty, though:

Texas Mountain Sage. I had to replace this one this fall. The other one I had dried up and I even had it planted in the shade. I am quite fond of its heart-shaped leaves:

And last but not least, the morning glory is still growing and blooming beautifully each morning:

Happy Bloom day everyone!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Freeze Warning?!?

Freeze warning for tonight?!? WTF. It's still early November and I don't have the greenhouse set up yet. It doesn't normally freeze until the first week of December! *sigh* Well, I'm pretty sure this motorcycle can handle a freeze, so out it goes and in go the plants. :D