Sunday, October 16, 2011

New hanging baskets

I picked up these nifty cone-shaped hanging baskets to replace the basic plastic ones I had before. I have had the worst time finding pretty hanging baskets in Austin. Back in Seattle, I could find really pretty wooden hanging baskets everywhere; but here? Nope. Nothing of the kind to be found. Why is that?

Here are the new baskets. Love:

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bloom Day October 15th, 2011

Autumn has finally arrived in Austin! The temps are down into the 90's most days which is such a huge relief. And we received between 1-2 inches of rain earlier this week and that totally perked up the plants that made it through the hell that was summer this year.

I was able to get outside and trim up the front garden:

See that rose in the bottom left corner of the pic there? I swore I wouldn't plant anything this fall due to the drought, but the first knockout rose I had planted in early spring fried over the summer. I found a replacement on clearance at Lowes and decided to go ahead and take a chance and plant a new one. Hopefully it will make it this time.

This yellow knockout rose DID make it though the summer, however. I really can't believe it. It's blooming again since it rained the other day:

The rock penstemon is still blooming. This is one tough plant. It flowered all throughout the summer even though it dwells right up front in the hellstrip:

The wright's skullcap is blooming again. It was pretty crispy looking over the dead of summer, but it made it though and it's perking right up, now:

Texas bluebells are still blooming, although they are looking a bit scraggly at this point:

The lantana is looking great:

The batface cuphea are also looking stupendous:

Fall is yellowbells time. They are ginormous:

Speaking of ginormous, the purple passionflower has completely overtaken the side garden:

Normally, the gulf fritillary butterflies mow this vine down and keep it under control. Not this year. Awful drought = little to no butterflies, which equal 'eat the garden' passionflower vine. On the plus side, this vine does have gorgeous flowers:

The blue mistflower has spread pretty good as well:

There are few things that have come back to life now that weather has cooled down a bit that I had in pots in the shade. One is Torenia:

And another is Bishop of Landaff Dahlia:

These asters are newly potted and I think they look very pretty next to the succulents behind them:

The rains kicked the rainlilies into gear. Yellow rainlilies:

And last, but not least, the yellow paintbrush is blooming again:

That's it folks. Happy Autumn bloom day!