Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bloom day Nov. 15th

So here is what I have blooming this November:

Copper Canyon Daisy. These are usually bigger and more floriferous, but it has been super dry this year and I feel lucky to have any blooms on these at all:


Orange Cosmos and a monarch butterfly:

The aloe has sent up a flower spike! I'll be darned. I will have to cover this over the weekend with some frost cloth or something as it is supposed to freeze this Sunday night:

A little closer:

A hawk moth hiding in the cannas:

I have also been planting some bulbs that arrived this week from two of my favorite mail order places: The Southern Bulb Company and Old House Gardens. I bought some Spider Lilies, Southern Fall Crocus, and Byzantine Glads from the Southern bulb company:

I also bought some Daffodils 'Thalia', Hoop Petticoats, Southern Grape Hyacinth, and some Spanish Bluebells from Old House Gardens:

Both of these companies always package their bulbs with great care and the bulbs are always a nice size. Sometimes they even throw in extras for free! I can't wait until next spring when many of these bulbs I planted should start coming up.